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Instruments of Praise nurtures the artistic develop of young emerging musicians through a quality training program that inspires students to (1) learn, (2) drill, and (3) apply the necessary skills to become young artists of excellence.


We provide a comprehensive, yet innovative curriculum that includes notation reading, theory, playing by ear, all styles of music, grooves, and beats, song writing, performing to tracks and with rhythm sections - all taught by experienced professionals. Our goal is to produce artists who are educated in their craft, confident in their skills, and who have the tools required to be creative and enjoy the benefits of their talent.


Our philosophy is rooted in the idea that “talent alone, no matter how great, is not enough!” While students learn to play the music they love, lessons and discussions that assist young artists in their character development are incorporated in our C.O.R.E. Curriculum – Character Obtained to Reflect Excellence

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